Week 3 programming assignment obstacle

While I have most of this working, I’m afraid unable to get the simplest part past the grader.

The notebook says in a Markdown cell:

Expected output
The size of the input layer is: n_x = 5
The size of the hidden layer is: n_h = 4
The size of the output layer is: n_y = 2

I think these numbers may not be right, but the grader fails with an assertion error even if I use these numbers:

AssertionError: Wrong result. Expected (7, 4, 5) got (5, 4, 2)

I have tried everything I have seen suggested, including resetting the notebook to the original version.

There are multiple tests in here.
The first one is just print out the input/hidden/output layers. That’s what you wrote.
Then, layers_sizes_test() starts. In this test program, there are two tests with different parameters. That error message is from the 2nd test.

So, your code needs to support different inputs, and should not be hard-coded except the hidden layer size.

Thank you! Course all complete now, and very much appreciated - I feel it’s given a level of insight that no amount of TF programming can.

I feel very dim for missing this, and will try to remember to read the question from now on.