Week 4 Ass. Saliency Maps

For the Saliency map generated assignment, I have successfully implemented the code and it is working fine. But, my results are not passed by the Grader. I run the code many times with different changes forexample, I use 18_epoch.h5 also and use sparse_categorical_crossentropy.

Please guide me. Thank you

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can you show the screenshot of your grader output as it explains why your not passing!!!

you can share your assignment via personal DM to look at your codes.


Hello, I’m having a problem like that in this topic as well, I would love a bit of help on that grading threshold not passing. Thanks

I have spent many hours trying to figure out why I didnt obtained more than 91% in the grader. I found some resolved assignments on github (1, 2)

These notebooks gave me an error because the images it downloaded were corrupted (cat1.jpg, cat2.jpg…). The links where it downloaded them from are:

!wget -O cat1.jpg https://storage.googleapis.com/laurencemoroney-blog.appspot.com/MLColabImages/cat1.jpg
!wget -O cat2.jpg https://storage.googleapis.com/laurencemoroney-blog.appspot.com/MLColabImages/cat2.jpg
!wget -O catanddog.jpg https://storage.googleapis.com/laurencemoroney-blog.appspot.com/MLColabImages/catanddog.jpg
!wget -O dog1.jpg https://storage.googleapis.com/laurencemoroney-blog.appspot.com/MLColabImages/dog1.jpg

!wget -O dog2.jpg https://storage.googleapis.com/laurencemoroney-blog.appspot.com/MLColabImages/dog2.jpg

which is different from the code provided:

!wget -O cat1.jpg https://storage.googleapis.com/tensorflow-1-public/tensorflow-3-temp/MLColabImages/cat1.jpeg
!wget -O cat2.jpg https://storage.googleapis.com/tensorflow-1-public/tensorflow-3-temp/MLColabImages/cat2.jpeg
!wget -O catanddog.jpg https://storage.googleapis.com/tensorflow-1-public/tensorflow-3-temp/MLColabImages/catanddog.jpeg
!wget -O dog1.jpg https://storage.googleapis.com/tensorflow-1-public/tensorflow-3-temp/MLColabImages/dog1.jpeg
!wget -O dog2.jpg https://storage.googleapis.com/tensorflow-1-public/tensorflow-3-temp/MLColabImages/dog2.jpeg

When changing these links on the “resolved notebooks” I found, the results are pretty much the same.

I suspect that the link that provided the images does not work propertly and the mods of this course changed the link without testing the effects on the grader. Can it be? Thanks!

i think its possible - i just was able after painstaking adjustments get to the required grade but i suspect the same i dont know for sure but if you end run like i did expect a lot of trial and error improving the images - but its possible to get there another way - i dont think we will hear anything about this till holidays are past - good luck i pulled my hair out doing this one - it might be a simple line of code but there was a way to get there it might make more sense to move to another course and revisit this after new year it took me 13 nights of tuning to squeak past 95 im pretty sure that isnt the way this assignment was designed

Hello, could you help me by checking my notebook? I’ve reviewed it extensively, and I can’t seem to make it go above 0.91.

Hello @Cristian_Fernando_Gi,

Can you follow below post comment and then run each cell again, and see if you pass the submission.

Let me know if your issue is resolved.