Week 4 Assignment 2 Unable to load parameters

I am unable to load parameters from VGG model.

Below is the code.
"tf.random.set_seed(272) # DO NOT CHANGE THIS VALUE
pp = pprint.PrettyPrinter(indent=4)
img_size = 400
vgg = tf.keras.applications.VGG19(include_top=False,
input_shape=(img_size, img_size, 3),

vgg.trainable = False

I am getting the following error.
“Internal Error: CUDA runtime implicit initialization on GPU:0 failed. Status: out of memory”

That type of error typically means that the servers were overloaded at the time you ran your notebook. In other words, you just got unlucky with the timing and there weren’t enough resources available to run your notebook. Please try again. If it continues to fail in the same way, you may need to take a break and come back at a different time of day.