Week 4 - Exercise 5 - Pool backward

In exercise 8 (pool backwards), I get an error as shown in the following image:

Would you please give me a hint to find out the issue? I have been tried debugging line by line, however, I couldn’t find out in which line I made a mistake.


a_prev_slice should be taken for a particular channel, c and not for all channels. See how you’re slicing dA_prev for the hint. Please remove your code references.

I revised the a_prev_slice to

                    a_prev_slice = a_prev[vert_start:vert_end, horiz_start:horiz_end,c]

However, I get another error:

Please click my name and message your notebook as an attachment.

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The issue was with the shape of dA_prev it should be of shape A_prev.

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