Week 4, exercise 9, Test fail with correct numbers

in the first assignment of week 4, in execise 9, I got this Assertion Error
I can’t understand where the problem is since numbers are the expected ones
Can someone help me please?


Hi, Lucia.

You need to check the parameters that you are calling the function while doing backward_pass.
You are getting dA1, dW2 and db2 from the first backward pass, whereas, you are deriving dA0, dW1 and db1 from the secind backward pass.
Are you sure that you haven’t used any hard-wired values within the function? If that is so, you will never get the desired result. It will always throw some error.

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Looks very close.
But, if you look at your output more closer, you will see that the sign is reversed.
So, it must be a simple error at somewhere in your code.
Most possible case is … dAL

Thanks a lot!
Just a so simple error!