Week 4 Exercise6 train_step, error for epoch1

In week4 exercise6 train_step, I get the right value for epoch0, but somehow gets a wrong value for epoch1.

The previous posts on week4 exercise6 train_step are about wrong value for epoch0. However, mine is about epoch1.
Also, I don’t seem to have any problem on UNQ_C3, as I have not used tf.square for computations of 4 * (n_H * n_W * n_C) ** 2

I will post the screenshot of my error and my exercise1-6.

Any help is much appreciated.

Please do not post your code on the forums, unless a mentor asks to see it.
That breaks the course Honor Code.

Apologies. I will delete the screenshots.

Please also note that I received a grade of 100% for this assignment.