Week 4 Neural Style Transfare Exercise 3

I did my exercise 3. The code is a follow.

(Solution code removed by staff as posting it is against the code of conduct)

I got the correct result. By there is an error as below.

How do I fix the error? Please, your help is very much appreciated.

Many thanks.

Hi @khairulanam, let me help you with this.
Can you share your lab ID with me ?
In your assignment, you’ll see a “Help” icon on the top right, once you click on it a panel will open Your lab ID will be shown at the bottom.

Dear Instructor,

I could not enter my CNN class. It seems that I should start from beginning for CNN course. Did I make a mistake?

Can you be a little more specific about what your problem is? If you just mean that it looks like your previous work on this one particular assignment is gone, that probably means that the staff has published a new version of the assignment. In that case, you can find your previous work by clicking “File → Open” and looking around. You should find another notebook with the date and time interpolated into the name. Open that one in parallel with the new one and then copy/paste over your work to the new clean version.

But if that explanation is not relevant, please show us the actual error you are getting.

I don’t believe a new version of the assignment was published.

As @paulinpaloalto mentioned, kindly share with us a screenshot of what you are seeing, @khairulanam.


It seems that my time was over. I was out from the class and should re-enroll.

Dear Mubsi,

How do I know my Lab ID, pelase?

Hi @khairulanam,

When you have your assignment open, you should see a “Help” button on the top right. When that panel opens up, your lab ID will be at the bottom.