Week 4 Practice Lab Not Loading Hints Properly

I am on the very last step of the lab, but the hint is as follows:

If you’re still stuck, check out the hints below.

      <summary><font size="2" color="darkblue"><b> Hint to calculate info_gain</b></font></summary>
<code>info_gain = compute_information_gain(X, y, node_indices, feature)</code>

      <summary><font size="2" color="darkblue"><b>Hint to update the max_info_gain and best_feature</b></font></summary>
       <code>max_info_gain = info_gain</code><br>
       <code>best_feature = feature</code>

I’m not sure what to do now because I don’t know what exactly I have to set best_feature to, and figured the hints would help.

@Jacob_T Hello Jacob, this is markdown language. I think you has somehow clicked into markdown cell. If you run this markdown cell (by pressing shift + Enter (for windows)) or by clicking on run cell, you will get the information in the understandable format.

@ritik5 it doesn’t go back to normal after I press that.

I’m not sure if I accidentally messed with the markdown code or not.

@Jacob_T Is this cell Markdown cell or code cell? if it is code cell then press ‘m’ to convert it into a markdown cell and then run the cell.

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Oh thanks! It’s all good now.