[Week 4] scaled_dot_product_attention

I have been stuck at this part for the last 4 hours.
Please let me know where I am messing


Solved; to those struggling with this part - you can find something very similar in tensorflow documentation :wink:

I’m glad you solved the problem.
Please edit your post to remove the code statements - to comply with the course Honor Code.

Thank you.

Hi there - can you point me to the tensorflow doc that you found useful? I’m stuck in this step and I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.


Never mind, I figured out the reason for my error.

Can you give a hint? I encounter the same error

This reminder helped me to solve it

Hello Mher Khachatryan,

Very sorry to reply this late.

Were you able to find the solution or are you still struggling?

Here’s a quick recap on what you can do. I am providing you with a screenshot of the instructions and the hints given in the notebook just to make you and others clear on what you all are missing out while solving this exercise.

Indeed I solved it over a year ago I guess.

bro am getting same error , am unable to solve how to do?


Please post a fresh query with error traceback. We are happy to help with the diagnoses.

Yea i have post a fresh query