Week1, assignment 2

{moderator edit - solution code removed}

facing a problem with this section, its my first time with keras

What you are declaring there is a python list of layers. The syntax of a list in python is that the elements are separated by commas. This is what is causing the syntax error that you showed in your other post. You need a comma after each layer declaration within the “Sequential” definition.

Your definition of the first zero padding layer is also going to be a problem: you are both defining the function and then calling it with an argument, which will create a tensor instead of a layer definition. You should only have one set of parens on each layer definition.

Also note that there isn’t anything called tlf in this notebook, unless you created it. What they give you in the “import” block at the beginning of the notebook is this:

import tensorflow.keras.layers as tfl

Thank you, very clear. Everything passed

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