Week1, assignment 3, Ex2, Question about the *test problem* Ty & LSTM architecture


For this music generation problem, the training data has Tx=Ty=30, with the following architecture as presented in the lecture:


For the test problem, x<0> is a single music note of shape (m=1, Tx=1, n_values), and the prediction is a list of length Ty=50, where each list element has shape (1, n_values). It thus seems to me that the test problem architecture is one-to-many:


Thus, the many-to-many LSTM trained on 30 sequences of music is being used to forward propagate a single input x<0> (a single music note) to generate a sequence with 50 music notes.

Please let me know if my understanding is correct. Thanks,

Your understanding is correct.
Traning phase is many to many.
Music generation phase is one to many.