Week1 Assignment3 Exercise 3

Got the error “The layer “lstm” has multiple inbound nodes, with different output shapes. Hence the notion of “output shape” is ill-defined for the layer. Use get_output_shape_at(node_index) instead.” when running the unit test block.

Can run the following block and get the expected output…

Don’t know what is wrong and also since we are not allowed to post code, so don’t know what to do…


Try this thread:

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Thanks so much for the information.
I forgot the axis thing in argmax and also it requires to restart the kernel after the fix.

Be sure that you re-run any cell where you have modified the code. The kernel does not automatically re-compile your changes.

I think there might be some issue that you really need to restart the kernel otherwise it won’t work…

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yes bro same error i also have to restart the kernel then its working