Week1 CNN model application

NameError: name ‘comparator’ is not defined

I am not able to figure out this error. Please help me.

Hey @AyushMundra , please make sure this is being run

Thanks you to help, the libraries were not there before.

This model has not yet been built. Build the model first by calling build() or calling fit() with some data, or specify an input_shape argument in the first layer(s) for automatic build.

I am getting this error please help.

Hey @AyushMundra, for next time, feel free to tag me in the post to get my attention. Otherwise, I get many notifications a day that sometimes important replies by learners get burried.

Could you DM your notebook ? I’ll take a look.

Thank you @Mubsi. The problem is solved now. I have figured it out.

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