Week1 Convolution_model_Application error

Hi, I have been working on the assignment but I cannot even code the first assignment for this keras layer. Following is my code.

{mentor edit: code removed}

and whatever I write for tfl.Conv2D, they always return this :
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

it always happens with tfl.Conv2D line. I cannnot figure out why. Can you help me

You need a comma after every layer in the list.

And please edit your message to remove the code. That will clear the course Honor Code.

Thanks for your help

May i ask you what you mean by edit my message

Use the “pencil” icon below your original message, that will let you edit your message.

thanks for your explanation. I now realized what you mean but idk if I am late.
I cannot find pencil icon to edit my code. Would you delete this post please? I am not authorized to do so. Sorry for obeying course Honor code

No problem, I can edit your message and remove the code.