week1_Exercise 1 - happyModel

Hi ,
please someone help me to write code for the problem, i am confused to what to write,how to approcach even at early steps of the assignment.Any reference ,or document to understand tensorflow approach.

{moderator edit - solution code removed}

thank you very much

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Hi @vemula_suman,

Asking others to help you with entire solutions is not just against the honour code of this community, but that of Courser’s as well. Please refrain from such requests.

The assignments are always full of instructions and hints, which if you follow, you’d have no trouble implementing the code. Please make an effort first yourself and then share your errors so that the community and the mentors can then help you out.

Everything you need is provided here. Please check the links and follow the code cell instructions.

Best of luck,

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i am getting below error ,i am not able to find out

please any one help me to resolve

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There is an error in your code for creating the ZeroPadding2D layer.

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Putting the input_shape as an element in the “Sequential” list is also a mistake. Please see this thread for a much more detailed introduction to the Sequential and Functional APIs.

Indeed, there are multiple problems here:

Good point! Yes, I think you need to “reset” here. Take a few deep calming breaths or go for a walk or get something to eat. Then come back and just read the notebook again from the beginning and make sure to read everything carefully and observe the examples that they give you.

And reading that other thread I linked in my previous reply before you start the actual coding would be a great idea.

thank you sir