Week1, lstm_cell_forward()

When I run the unit test, I don’t get “All tests passed” message, nor do I get any error. Restarting the notebook did not help. Please help.

Please post a screen capture image that shows your results for the unit test.

I am not done with coding yet, and I am trying to understand why concat is done and how it is used so I can complete my test.

The concatenate method simply combines two matrices into a one matrix.

Since the LSTM applies the same operations to both the hidden state and the input, this is a shortcut to make the code simpler to write.

Without using the concatenate method, you’d have to write twice as much code.

Once you compute the “concat” variable, you use it in four of the next six lines of code, per the instructions:

# Compute values for ft, it, cct, c_next, ot, a_next using the formulas given figure (4) (≈6 lines)

use concat in place of xt?

nvm, I think understood the logic. thanks.