Week2 Assignment 1 exercise 6 normalize_rows

Hi All,

I am getting the below error when I try to run the Assignment 6.

Any idea what could be wrong? All the exercise till 6 passed.

Thanks so much.

Hey @Nithin_Ramesh,

The usual cause of this is that some previous code cells had not been run.

Everytime we open a lab, we need to run each and every code cell starting from the very first one. In your case, I suppose there should be a code cell that contains a line that looks like import numpy as np.

So, you run all previous cells beginning from the very top one downwards, and then one of which defines np for you, and then you run that code cell in question again, then that error should go away.


That worked!!! Thanks a lot @rmwkwok .

You are welcome, @Nithin_Ramesh