Week3, Assignment: Error in Forward_Propagation

While implementing forward_propagation(X, parameters):

I used these three given functions

for linear and relu part(not writing expressions here due to code of conduct), but getting error in forward_propagation_test(which is not editable). Error is given below:

NameError Traceback (most recent call last)
in 18 print("\033[92mAll test passed") 19
—> 20 forward_propagation_test(forward_propagation, new_train)

in forward_propagation_test(target, examples) 1 def forward_propagation_test(target, examples): 2 for batch in examples:----> 3 forward_pass = target(batch, parameters) 4 assert type(forward_pass) == EagerTensor, “Your output is not a tensor” 5 assert forward_pass.shape == (6, 1), “Last layer must use W3 and b3”

NameError: name ‘parameters’ is not defined

sorry, problem solved, I restarted my kernel

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