Week3 Course1 Programming Assignment exercise 8- nn_model

I don’t see any learning rate passed and that is giving an error. So I decided to put down a learning rate by myself but then values of W1 don’t match which again gave me problem. What to do?

Kindly Help!

The learning rate is passed to update_parameters() function called in nn_model(). So, the issue might be somewhere else.

If you track the call graph, you’ll see that there is a default value of the learning rate in the function definition of update_parameters. In the particular test cases here, they don’t pass the learning rate, so you end up using the default value.

Your bug must be someplace else. If all your previous functions pass their test cases, then the bug must be in your nn_model logic. A perfectly correct subroutine can malfunction or even throw an error if you pass it incorrect parameters. You just show us the test cell, not what happened when you ran it. Seeing that might shed some light.