[Week3] create_training_example cell_UNQ_C4 function create_training_example failed test 1

Code Cell UNQ_C1: Function ‘is_overlapping’ is correct.
Code Cell UNQ_C2: Function ‘insert_audio_clip’ is correct.
Code Cell UNQ_C3: Function ‘insert_ones’ is correct.
cell_UNQ_C4 function create_training_example failed test 1
Code Cell UNQ_C5: Function ‘modelf’ is correct.

Code removed by mentor

both passed in jupyter , how i can do ?

i have the time to pass it until for will be 23 august ( Pass this assignment by Aug 23, 8:59 AM CEST ) .
So my time is important ( after 23 August , submit button will disappear ) .
But the error is poor and i can’t understand .

I don’t see any obvious mistakes. Please reset your workspace and try again:

Regarding the deadlines, they are only soft deadlines. You don’t need to worry about not making it in time.

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Now remaining in this way:

Maybe for these:

I lost too much time for this , so i will keep 80% of score , but it is sad.

*now has compiled , the result is: 80/100 , so nothing i will keep this…

If you want you can come in my workspace for see the results , i will not lose other days for this error…

*Obviously i done what you asked me before

Sorry to hear that you still have bugs to find. One general thing to note is that workspaces are private: none of the mentors can look at them. We are just fellow student volunteers and we do not have any magic powers to see other people’s notebooks.


Send me your notebook as a private message, and I will have a look.

However, don’t feel despair. Personally, it is precisely this kind of situation I like. You have to work very hard to find out what you are missing or find another error lying around. From personal experience, I can say that without hitting the wall over and over again, I wouldn’t have developed the skill and mindset that I have. I am very grateful for every obstacle I can find :smiley: :pray:


what do you prefer .ipynb or .py file ? I will send you file in pvt i think , is it right ?

ipnyb will be great, private message please, thank you

all done in pvt . sorry for the long wait but i had some problems to reset it for take without audio and image files ( it was 27mb , crazy ).

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Thx. So I submitted in from my cleaned workspace, with cleared outputs, and have no error:

Try and clear the outputs of the notebook before you submit. Maybe it is too large and something breaks in the grader. If that doesn’t work out, you probably have old files in your workspace that might cause problems.

Download the notebook as you have, then make sure the container is completely wiped, before you re upload (after a refresh of the workspace as given in the linked instructions):

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i done all but no , nothing = 80/100.

My unique hope it this will not mentioned in certification , for the rest i am happy to know i didn’t make mistakes.

Thanks for your time.

Strange. Can you give us your lab id? Click on the help button. Then you should find it:

@Mubsi can you have a look?

id lab

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I think only that it’s because i am using Firefox, but the calculations is not doing in my computer so i don’t know in true , i take certification also for NLP and i didn’t had problems from those exams .

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We are sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully @Mubsi can have a look next week.

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My only suggestion is based on my poor experience with overloaded operators.

So maybe try:
In insert_audio_clip(), use
… instead of the += operator.

It’s something you can try while waiting for a better answer.

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previously I have already done all but nothing .

Now reached this point i am only interest to understand if this 80/100 will have negative impact on graphical certification view .

Taking for example this:

If someones follow course link for NLP they can see:
one hunder

i want have has successfully complete and Grade Achieved: 100% , 80/100 will have negative impact on these ?

I do not know how the course is graded.

It seems to me that if you want 100%, you should get 100% on every assignment.

it’s a very big problem , how can i communicate this problem to Coursera’s technicians ?
I sent all with screenshots of this page to Coursera , please collaborate with they to solve this issue .

the problem is not solved , can you contact someone else in the next week for this ? Thanks.

I tried all just now for more times:

id lab