Welcome to the course!

Hello, fans of Generative AI!
I’m Carlos, and I’m super excited to be a part of this community! I’ve spent several years exploring Generative AI, and I’m keen to share what I know, exchange ideas, and learn from you all. I’m an Engineering Manager at Bosch in Germany, heading up the Data-Centric Software team. I’m always reachable through my GPT digital twin. Feel free to connect on LinkedIn an GitHub!

Let’s Get to Know Each Other! We’re stronger as a community when we know our fellow members. So, how about we all share a little about ourselves?
Drop a reply to this thread with a short intro: let us know your background in Generative AI, what you’re working on now, and something you want to learn or achieve here.

Excited to meet you all!


Welcome to the community, Carlos!

We’re thrilled to have you here.

This community is the perfect place to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and collaborate on all things.

Feel free to share your experiences, ask questions, and make valuable contributions. Together, we can make this community a vibrant hub for our community.

Best regards

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