What does this even mean in Week 3's last code?

  • Chain the output of the previous block as expansive_input and the corresponding contractive block output.

I need to chain my outputs to build my model, but I really can’t understand what my inputs to the model are

When you call upsampling_block(), the first argument is the previous ublock layer, and the second argument is the [1] element of the matching cblock that has the same number of filters (from the “contracting” process).

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Thank you so much.

I was able to solve that issue.

Right now,

I’m trying to isolate the source of this error.

Are there any helpful hints I could use to isolate which layer causes the error?

It looks like 32 corresponds to filter*4

Test failed
Expected value

[‘Conv2D’, (None, 48, 64, 64), 18496, ‘same’, ‘relu’, ‘HeNormal’]

does not match the input value:

[‘Conv2D’, (None, 48, 64, 32), 9248, ‘same’, ‘relu’, ‘HeNormal’]

Edit: I just solved the error in my downsampling blocks.

Thank you so much for your help