What is confidence ellipses?

Please explain the confidence ellipse , and if possible provide a link for more explanation .

Hi @rugs

I don’t think there is a better explanation than the lab " Visualizing likelihoods and confidence ellipses" provides:

A confidence ellipse is a way to visualize a 2D random variable. It is a better way than plotting the points over a cartesian plane because, with big datasets, the points can overlap badly and hide the real distribution of the data. Confidence ellipses summarize the information of the dataset with only four parameters:

  • Center: It is the numerical mean of the attributes
  • Height and width: Related with the variance of each attribute. The user must specify the desired amount of standard deviations used to plot the ellipse.
  • Angle: Related with the covariance among attributes.

Also, there is a link provided that if you follow, you can find this more detailed explanation.

Good luck!