What is encoded in the out of the encoder in W1 programing assign?

hello, in programing assignment for week 1. the encoder output has the shape:
Encoder output has shape: (64, 14, 256). I understand where the 64 and 14 comes from.
I do not understand what coded in the 256. is it the hidden states ?
why 256 is chosen. I understand that it specified in the parameter UNITS. but could we have chosen 512?
thank you in advance.

Hi @Fares_Bagh

Here, 256 is the dimensionality of the hidden states or feature vectors representing each token in the sequence. This value is chosen as the number of units (hidden state size) in the encoder’s layers.

This is a hyperparameter specified in the model. You can chose 512 or other values, depending on your model’s capacity and resources. Larger values can capture more information but also require more computation and memory.

Hope this helps!

thank you Alireza for the prompt response. Highly appreciated it.

You’re welcome! Happy to help :raised_hands: