What is plt.style.use

what is plt.style.use(‘./deeplearning.mplstyle’)?

was that implemented for interactive dashboard? is it a customized library or some sort of new class?

Please give a hint how to learn it. I am very much interested.


Hi @Yixuan_Li-Verdoold,

I don’t know much about MLS, but your query intrigued me. I did a quick search, and it turns out you can customise your own styles with the matplotlib. Turns out, yes, deeplearning.mplstyle is our own in-house style.

You can read about this more here, under the Defining your own style heading.


Thank you for your reply. I found that link as well. Just wonder how it could be made so interactive like powerBI, have you embedded other programming language as well, like C,C++? or python alone is enough. I am new in style setting, it could be valuable for reporting purpose.


Hello Yixuan @Yixuan_Li-Verdoold ,

The stylesheet ./deeplearning.mplstyle can only define style parameters, but it doesn’t make a plot interactive. Please check this page out, and in particular, it says:

When working with data, interactivity can be invaluable. The pan/zoom and mouse-location tools built into the Matplotlib GUI windows are often sufficient, but you can also use the event system to build customized data exploration tools.

This should give you some ideas of what you can achieve with that interactive mode. The page includes links to two other topics:


and you will need them if you want more customization.

PowerBI is a well-developed tool, and to make anything close to it, I am afraid it will take some effort.

You may also want to check out this page for creating widgets like buttons and sliders.