What language is used to write prompt based generative AI

My question is maybe related to the question of Tajinder_Singh

What is the language used to write the code llm_response (promt-based) development like you have python or tensor flow for machine learning?
Why is written a promt based code going faster than writing a deep learning model in tensorflow?

Hi Gerrit,

I am not sure I quite understand your question.
Are you asking about the llm_response function which was presented in the optional video and jupyter notebook?
It is simply an API call to a LLM, in this case gpt3.5. An API call is just a programmatic way to do the same thing we do when we open the chat-gpt website in the browser and use the chat interface.

Hello Tajinder_Singh,
yes it is more clear now. The replies on your question did it.
Anyway can you provide me the link of the jupyter notebook where I can find the code or is this the link provided via the 3the video week 2

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