Where can I start to contribute and learn from open source AI/ML projects?

I am deeply interested in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and I am eager to learn more by contributing to open source projects. I believe that open source contributions not only enrich the community but also provide invaluable learning opportunities. Where do I start and how do I start.

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First, have you attended any courses on Machine Learning or Python programming?

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So Kaggle of course is the obvious one. If you are into hardware at all though you might also check out hackster.io-- They often host contests that offer a meaningful contribution (though of course not all AI/ML related).


One idea is to start with SKLearn. They offer a complete set of tools for machine learning, including data pre-processing, model selection, model evaluation and model inspection tools.

Here is their Website that gives guidance around contribution.

I would be interested to learn about it too. Please share any insight you collect on your journey.