Where do I find the ppts which are shown in the videos?

Need ppts to recall the concepts learned during the video lectures to avoid rewatching of the videos.

You can find these in the MLS Resources page in Discourse.

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I am new to this deeplearning.ai. Can you pls tell me what is Discourse and where is it located?

You are using Discourse right now.

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Hello! Welcome to our community.

This place, where we are doing this chat, is called Discourse (or DLAI community). You can read more about it here. Please go through every section you see at the left sidebar.

In addition, you can check MLS Resources here.


I just noticed that the slides are sometimes hard to find based on the filter view you have on discourse.

But good thing is: @rmwkwok was so kind and pinned @chris.favila’s posts. So, here you go:

Hope that helps, @Muhammad_Jawad_Amin!

Best regards

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Thankyou very much. It will be very helpful.

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My pleasure! Happy learning :rocket: