Where to host my LLaMA2?

The course has hugely intrigued me to explore and play with LLMs. So, I am kinda doing an side project with LLaMA2. I do not have GPU on my system, I am a College Student with limited funding capability and I would to host the LLaMA on Azure. But I donot know how to carry on with this. Can someone please help me with this?

Yes, that is possible. However, it isn’t free.

GPUs for an LLM are expensive to operate, and no one is going to give it away.

Azure gives some free time after which you can terminate the subscription. So you might try it.

AWS gives some free time too probably.

They are big complex systems. Nobody can tell you enough here. But I found Azure pretty comprehensible on my first try after developing everything on my local host first. Azure gives an option to automatically watch your github repo for your project and Azure will automatically deploy and update your public website on Azure whenever it detects newer files in your github repo.

Huggingface some free training and hosting but that was a year ago so go check it out. Hf was pretty easy compared to the gigantic Azure and AWS.

You can use a GPU for free actually if you use Google Colab of course. THis is your most important thing to look into if you never knew about this offering from Google.

Another company (like R-something?) also gives a free fully hosted notebook similar to COlab.

Oh and also look into Kaggle as they have some free stuff for you to use too.

good luck