Where to learn

Hey, I want to learn Pattern recoginition via RNN, where can I start this ??
Is something available on coursera for pattern recognition ??
Does taking a course on NLP , help me with Pattern recognition??

What kind of pattern are we talking about?

Financial time series

Hi @Kamal_Nayan,
Financial pattern recognition via RNN is an interesting topic. You can start by learning RNNs, Time Series Data, and deep learning frameworks. You can learn from Andrew Ng’s deep learning specialization on Coursera, and also you can follow Time Series Forecasting using Deep Learning: Combining PyTorch, RNN, TCN, and Deep Neural Network Models to Provide Production-Ready Prediction Solutions (English Edition) 1st Edition book to learn about time series forecasting.
NLP can be beneficial, it can provide a solid foundation, it’s also essential to supplement your knowledge with resources specific to financial time series analysis and RNNs.


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