Where/When is X_train actually used, maybe it's not in this example

In the first lab for class 2, week 1 (called: C2_W1_Lab01_Neurons_and_Layers), where/when are the inputs for the model, X_train and Y_train, actually input into the model where keras can do the calculations to figure out the parameters? I don’t see it in the Sequential() function. I don’t see it in the model.getlayer(‘L1’) method.

I’m thinking it isn’t actually done in this example, instead we give it the parameters using the .set_weights() method and (hopefully) we learn how to actually input the data later? If I’m right it would be great if that was made clear somewhere in the lab. Maybe I missed something – any thoughts. Thanks.

Hello @naveadjensen, indeed C2_W1_Lab01_Neurons_and_Layers does not train the model, but you will see model training in the next lab C2_W1_Lab02_CoffeeRoasting_TF.