Which course/specialization to do after ML Specialization

Hello to all,

Although I did not finish yet the specialization, I am looking for new courses to further improve my knowledge in this area of AI/ML/DL because troughout this specialization I really gained to like a lot this types of problems. Do any of you have any suggestions on courses/specializations that could be a natural progress to this specialization? I’ve seen another specialization called Deep Learning Specialization, with Andrew as instructor also, do you recommend this one as the next one?

Thank you in advance for any answers.


Yes that is a popular choice.

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I would second that.

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Hello @shanup , @TMosh
This ML specialization course uses TensorFlow. Do I need to study a course to help me code in Tensorflow framework like:

or find some projects to practice?
Thanks in advance

Hello @Nhat_Minh

The ML specialization has videos and more importantly optional labs to bring you up to speed on tensorflow, to the extent required for this specialization.

If you can work on the optional labs, it would give you a good enough footing in tensorflow.

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@Daniel_Jose_da_Silva check this link (https://www.deeplearning.ai/), bro.

  • Introductory level: AL for everyone + ML Specialization
  • Intermediate level: Deep Learning Specialization
  • Advanced level: MLOps

So I vote for DL Specialization. Btw, I just finished ML Specialization 2 days ago.


@Nhat_Minh For this course, you do not need to learn TF in advance. However, if you got time, you can take it. No harm to learn more.
Btw, where r u? I’m in HCM.

Thank you a lot for the link!

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Hello I’m in HCM too.

Let’s meet, bro.
Which district do you stay in?

I am studying HCMUS, Làng Đại Học