While inputting to the inference model

little bit confusion in zero shots ,one shots and few shots…in first week

Zero-shot means that you ask something to the LLM and it responds and the answer is satisfactory.

One-shot means that before you ask your question, you give it one example of the question and the answer. For example:

Question 1 : What is the capital of France?
Answer 1: Paris
Question 2: What is the capital of Italy?
Answer 2: _____________________

Here, I write down Question1, Answer 1, Question 2 and then leave Answer 2 empty expcting an answer from the LLM. See how I gave the LLM one single example of a pair quesiton-answer.

Few-Shot means that you give the model not one but multiple examples before asking your final question. In the example above, imagine that you give it questions and answers of capitals for 5 countries and then you ask you final question in the 6th question.

Hopefully this sheds light to your question :slight_smile:

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thank you… it was good example, I understand the concept