Why " (Do not re-arrange the order)."

I am referring to W03 - ### Exercise 1 - linear_function

The is a lines saying:
“please create the variables in the order given in the starting code below.
(Do not re-arrange the order)”

[1] Can you explain why the variables has to be in order and cannot be re-arrange?

[2] Is this specific to this assignment only, or it is tensorflow requirement? I cannot find any line in tensor docs mentioning that variable has to be in order

Thank you

HI @quoc
Generally when you see instructions of type "do this"and “don’t do that”, it may mean that not necessarily it is wrong if you go in different directions, but it would affect how the grader checks if the exercise is correct or wrong. So, the suggestion is to do exactly how you see in the instructions, submit your assignment and after approval, you can go back to the assignment and do any change you want to see the results. You will avoid issues during exercise validation. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, @quoc.

@carlosrl is right.

The grader expects a specific result. The random seed is set so that X, W and b always get the same values from the pseudorandom number generator. If you change their order, you swap their values and WX + b will yield a different result.

Good luck with the assignment :slight_smile:

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