Why the professor does not talk about K-fold cross validation?

Why the professor does not talk about K-fold cross-validation?
Does he know something that we do not?

Most probably he knows something that you dont know​:grin:

But what? this is an industry-standard

Hi @ajeancharles great question. There is no particular industry standard. There are several variations to validate your results, in which the right approach will depend a lot on your use case. The reason why he doesn’t mention it is probably due to time constraints, and he uses most of his time trying to show the techniques and use in machine learning. I suggest you go to Kaggle and learn validation techniques there since the platform and performance of the models there heavily depend on selecting an appropriate validation method.

I hope this helps!

Designing Good Validation - The Kaggle Book [Book] (oreilly.com)

Thanks, I am already looking into it. I just wanted his opinion on the matter.
Maybe he has a specific insight.

Since the course name is ML specialization, so every ML specialist should know about it, and that is why this topic should be included.