Why This error?

In week 1 assignment Building_a_Recurrent_Neural_Network_Step_by_Step. I got this error.

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Hi @Ayush_Bhosale


The error indicates that the shapes of variables do not match in the following lines:
a[:,:,t] = a_next
y_pred[:,:,t] = yt_pred

What to do?

Ensure that a, y_pred, a_next, and yt_pred are initialized with the correct shapes. Also, make sure that a_next and yt_pred returned by rnn_cell_forward have the expected shapes.

Hope this helps!


in my opinion, if you understand how broadcasting works, you will be able to solve this issue.

Here is a quick reference-> Broadcasting — NumPy v2.0 Manual

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If you look at the test case there, you see that n_x = 3 and n_a = 5, so this is some kind of a dimension mismatch problem. E.g. that you are using some version of a where you should be using x or vice versa.