Wind farm data from Pittsburgh PA, or Pittsburg, CA?

In the “Wind Power - Include Wind Speed Forecasts” video in Week 2, Robert states at 3:41 that one of the locations of the wind farm data used in the lab is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. And I see that there is indeed a wind farm at Allegheny Ridge, about 80 miles east of Pittsburgh, PA.

But the spelling of the city in several places in the notebook and files is “Pittsburg,” not “Pittsburgh,” and so I wonder if this data has actually been pulled from the Shiloh wind farm located near Pittsburg, California instead.

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The location of the wind farm where the data was collected was not disclosed.(video 2:11)

Its for illustration purpose only.

Let me know if you have any other query.


Hi @Girijesh,
Thanks for your response.
The video at 2:11 is talking about the original dataset.
My question is at the 3:41 mark, where Robert is discussing the data that the DLAI team added using the Open Weather API. At 3:41, he refers, while going through the pull-down menu of wind farms, to “Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.” I’m just wondering, based on the spelling of the city, if the wind farm data here is actually from Pittsburg, California instead.

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Hi @rgaston,
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You may be right, I have to check again let you know.

Hello @rgaston,

the transcript of the video at 3:41 and Robert clearly mentions it as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. So you know which Pittsburgh Robert is mentioning. :slight_smile:
Your confusion was basically because the notebook or optional lab mentioned it as Pittsburgh, USA but Robert clearly mentions Pennsylvania.

Hope that clears your doubt!!!


Hi DP,
Thanks for your note.
Yes I hear what he says in the video about Pennsylvania, I’m just wondering if that’s accurate because the spelling of “Pittsburg” in the notebook and files in several places is like “Pittsburg, California” instead. And the wind farm near Pittsburg, CA is much closer to that city than the wind farm in Pennsylvania is to Pittsburgh.
So either the spelling is incorrect in several places in the notebook and files, or it is inaccurate that this data is from Pennsylvania.

Thanks to your questioning and sharp look out for this doubt, I digged through the dataset and then the climate change AI website which mentions Pittsbugh, Pennsylvania.

Ah, good sleuthing Deepti.
I’m not sure that convinces me that the wind farm data came from there though.


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