Windowed dataset output differs from the expected out

my output differs from the expected output,

I have followed the ungraded lab from the same week

can anyone give me hint or guide me where to look for the culprit

Thank you

ok my mistake again, somehow I misplaced the codes between shuffle and split step. I corrected the issue. but I still have a doubt related to this section. before this cell, they mentioned that only 3 variables are global and as mentioned in the cell, batch_size=G.BATCH_SIZE; I ended up using the G.BATCH_SIZE which got me to this. if we had to use the batch_size, then why it was mentioned about to use globalised variables.

hey Deepti,
Can you please tell me how did you solve the issue, as i m doing the shuffle and then map but getting an error in the shape …
i m getting the training set shape as (5, 0), but the expected is (5, 1)

fixed the issue

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