WK2 Programming Assignment: Logistic Regression with a Neural Network Mindset

what is the essence of the period after the division operation?

train_set_x = train_set_x_flatten / 255.
test_set_x = test_set_x_flatten / 255.

Hi @gmuhammed, I am not able to get your point. But, what we are doing here is, trying to standardise our given dataset. The pixel value is actually a vector of three numbers ranging from 0 to 255. All the three red, green and blue channels must be specified for each pixels. Later, you just divide every row of the dataset by 255, which is the maximum value of a pixel channel to center and standardise your dataset. Further in the next step, we design an algorithm to identify the cat pictures from the non-cat ones. Thanks.

@Rashmi thanks for your response, my question is that there is a period on this line of code, I was wondering why there is a period on each of the line of code? Is there a specific reason for putting the period there

Float versus int

Nothing syntactic

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Thanks @ai_curious for stepping in and providing the response!

Thanks for the responses @Rashmi and @ai_curious