Writing an article about linear regression

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I recently completed the “Supervised Machine Learning: Regression and Classification” course, and I want to write an article about linear regression. I plan to pursue this field in my Ph.D. Since my master’s thesis was in a different field, I need to write an article to improve my resume. I am looking for a simple subject for this article. I would like to know if it is possible to write about the topic “The Evolution of Regression Analysis: From Simple Linear to Multiple to Polynomial Regression,” or if this topic is already overdone in this field.

I am also interested in the application of linear regression in healthcare. I would appreciate any topic suggestions in this area.

Thank you in advance.

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Linear regression is a very simple model not much used in today’s AI models. I am ot sure there is enough interest in it nowadays! Nowadays LLM’s and Generative AI are most prevalent!


@nastaran_pourshab if you really want to write a paper about regression, even if it is not mentioned it is really worthwhile to look up Sir Francis Galton (where the term ‘regression’ actually came from, the concept of ‘regression from the mean’, and the heights of fathers and sons).

I mean this technique is used so regularly today no one gives it a second thought-- And it is a reasonably sound mathematical technique;

But its origins are a little ‘messed up’. Consider he was also one of the guys that came up with ‘eugenics’.


The topic has already been thoroughly covered.

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Thank you for your guidance.

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Thank you for your explanation.

Thank you.