Wrong Grader output

Even though I am passing all the tests , I am getting score of only 50.
Grader shows output that - these tests could be hidden . Please check your submission.

You don’t tell us which assignment you are talking about. If it is the first assignment in C4 Week 1, then there is a known bug in the unit tests: they do not catch the error of not including the stride in your logic for conv_forward and pool_forward.

Its error in W4 assignment 1
And i have included stride

There are also right and wrong ways to include the stride. Are you sure that you checked all the outputs of pool_forward in the stride = 2 case. They all need to match, not just most of them. And the problem is that the test case doesn’t throw an error if they don’t match. One other thing to check is that the type of your output for conv_single_step is not being coerced to float32. That will pass the unit test for that function, but fail the grader.

Oh, sorry, do you mean Week 4 Assignment 1? That’s Face Recognition, which is a whole different case, then.

Oh sorry my typing mistake.
I was talking about same as yours C4 W1 Assignment