Wrong Shape and Output for L_model_forward

My Lab ID is anfngxsn. I believe I have written the code correctly. My value and the expected value of AL match. However I am still getting this error:

Where am I going wrong? Can anyone please help.

Please click my name and message your notebook as an attachment.

Please note that we cannot see the contents of your notebook: only the course staff can do that. If the tests fail, that means your code is not correct. Notice that the failing test is different than the one for which you see the correct output. You can open the file public_tests.py to figure out how that test differs. But notice that even the types of some of your outputs are incorrect (“tuple” instead of numpy array). One thing you’ll notice if you look at that test code is that it cares about a lot more than just the AL value: in particular it cares about the caches value that is returned.

Also note that the “public test” functions for linear_forward and linear_activation_forward also test out the cache logic at that level. If you passed the tests for those functions, then the problem must be in your L_model_forward logic. Note that you need to create a list of the cache entries that are returned by each individual layer and that is the caches value that you return,

Thank you everyone for the help!
I found the error (at last!). I was making an error in the append statement for “caches”. Corrected the error. Now it shows “All tests passed”

I am glad sir that it is now sorted