"Wrong value" Course4 week 1Convolution_model_Step_by_Step_v1 conv_single_step

All test are passed but in conv_single_step function "Wrong Value " error is occurring even if value of Z perfectly matches.

The unit tests in the notebook seem to pass. Are you talking about a message from the grader? If so, please show that as well.

One thing to note is that you can pass the test in the notebook even if you make the mistake of coercing the type of the output to be float32. But from the value you show, it’s pretty clear you are not doing that. The other thing that can be an issue is if the output type of your value is not a scalar (e.g. is a 1 x 1 numpy array). But it doesn’t look like you made that error either.

output type is of np.float64 and the value of Z matches perfectly with expected value but still it is showing assertion error for wrong value.
Just to check what’s wrong with the output if I put both assertion statements in my code ,the second assertion statement (assert np.isclose (Z,…) shows wrong value error so because of it the notebook is not grading me 100%

If you’re failing an isclose() assert, that means there’s an error in your calculation.

But as you can see the expected value and output of Z exactly matches

But that is just one test. The test cases in the public_tests.py file do not actually show up in the notebook. But please check your DMs: I think the problem is actually elsewhere.