Wrong value error in UNQ_C6

The automatic checker fails with:
AssertionError Traceback (most recent call last)
~\AppData\Local\Temp\ipykernel_37688\3686812772.py in
----> 2 DecoderLayer_test(DecoderLayer, create_look_ahead_mask)

c:\gilad\my courses\coursera\Reccurent Neural Networks\W4A1\public_tests.py in DecoderLayer_test(target, create_look_ahead_mask)
178 assert tuple(tf.shape(out).numpy()) == q.shape, f"Wrong shape. We expected {q.shape}"
→ 180 assert np.allclose(attn_w_b1[0, 0, 1], [0.5271505, 0.47284946, 0.], atol=1e-2), “Wrong values in attn_w_b1. Check the call to self.mha1”
181 assert np.allclose(attn_w_b2[0, 0, 1], [0.32048798, 0.390301, 0.28921106]), “Wrong values in attn_w_b2. Check the call to self.mha2”
182 assert np.allclose(out[0, 0], [-0.22109576, -1.5455486, 0.852692, 0.9139523]), “Wrong values in out”

AssertionError: Wrong values in attn_w_b1. Check the call to self.mha1

I double checked my code, but cannot find the problem.
Please help. Thx, Gilad

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Please send me your code of this function in a private message. Click my name and message.

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Always mention Assignment too in your header or explanation.

You need to check how you have recalled self.mha1? which you will use to get the correct values for attn_w_b1

Read these instructions

  1. Block 1 is a multi-head attention layer with a residual connection, and look-ahead mask. Like in the EncoderLayer, Dropout is defined within the multi-head attention layer.
    The first two blocks are fairly similar to the EncoderLayer except you will return attention_scores when computing self-attention

so make sure you have return_attention_scores=True, look_ahead_mask

Also usual mistake in this assignment is learner using training recall which is not required here for attn_w_b1


Thank you for sending me your code, @gilad.danini!
Your code for BLOCK 2 is incorrect. See the instructions again.

# calculate self-attention using the Q from the first block and K and V from the encoder output. 

Here, what is the encoder output? It’s not x. Also, for Block 2, do we need look_ahead_mask or padding_mask?

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Got ya.
We put the look ahead mask only on the actual input to the decoder?

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yes but for attn_w_b1

hope you are not mixing with block1 and block2. Re-read the instructions again and again, point by point, see if you have followed it as per instructions.

OK THX. I am in the final transformer implementation now.