Yolo algorithm for videos

How to apply yolo algorithm on the laptop camera for object detection?? What changes do we need to do in our code of images to apply it to videos???

Capture frames as images and apply yolo.

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How to do it on Real time screen videos?

I don’t know how things are done directly on a video without frame capture.

A video consists of a number of individual frames played back in sequence.

You need a computing system that is able to process huge amounts of data to keep up with running the algorithm on each individual frame without falling behind.

The novelty of YOLO when it first came out was that, while training was computationally expensive and required lots of horsepower and time, running it on images, even video frames captured at ~40 frames per second, did not. You can see from this early conference appearance by its primary inventor that it is running on a laptop live during the presentation. The entire presentation is well worth the time to watch, but the near real time demonstrations start at about 11:15 mark.