1st year of University

Hello everyone,
I have recently begin my first year of University specifically my first year in BE CSE . I would love to know about your experience, regrets and advice on how to get the most out of this phase of my life .

Do not let your classes get in the way of your education.


I am must say you said a lot in a few words .

Keep learning, my friend.

I suggested you to be your own teacher and I stand by that.

Since you will soon be someone’s or your own employee, now is the time to transit to that. Being an employee means you need to be productive, or you need to be able to make thing works or create thing out. For example, as your own teacher, you deliver a learning path, but that’s not enough. Now, based on your knowledge in CSE, or your role in any club/social circle, you may ask yourself, can you do something that benefit some people? A good thing about being a student is that it is fine to try and error, don’t let the last few years of it just slip away :wink:

Thank you everyone for your thoughtful replies.

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