502 Bad Gateway Error when attempting to open second lab of first week

I’m having problems loading the jupyter notebook for the second lab of the first week in the Convolutional Neural Network course.
Attaching a screenshot for more details:

Sorry, but that really sounds like an IT problem on your side. There’s not much we can do about it other than to suggest that your access is being blocked by some A/V or other security software somewhere in the path between your browser and AWS. Did you change anything since the last time you successfully opened a notebook? Can you still open the first lab in Week 1 from the same setup where you fail on the second one?

A few things to try would be clearing your cookies and relogging into Coursera and see if that makes a difference. Or try a different computer or try using a public WiFi at a coffee house or library.

I don’t think so. Many people have the same issue now.

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Maybe also try an anonymous browser session.

Ok, maybe the IT problem is on the AWS side. There’s not much we can do about that either other than report to Coursera Support.

Ok, you’re right: it looks like a site-wide outage. I’ll report to the course staff and hope they know someone to call.

Of course we can also hope that there are lots of errors being generated in the server logs and that will trigger some response.

One can hope.

Indeed. At some point in the past, we had a discussion about this. You’d think that automatically scanning server logs for anomalies would be a pretty obvious ML application. One would have to believe that someone at AWS would have thought of that or even at Coursera. Anomaly Detection. I seem to remember that as the topic of a whole week of the original Stanford ML Course. :nerd_face:

Detecting an issue and taking action to fix it require different processes.

Of course that’s a good point. But one gets the impression that nothing happens until the victims report their victimhood. If they had a headstart back at “GHQ” seems like that would be a win. :laughing:

Reports say the issue has been solved.

Hi all,

Coursera is having technical issues because of which the Labs are down. They are aware of this and working on resolving it. Please follow this topic for updates.


Hello dear.
I rarely have these problems as I access the most restricted internet in the world.
Please check your browser extensions ( disable them ) first as they may have blocked javascript or conflicts on the site codes.
Then if it does not work, I think it is something about your ISP. Most ISP have blocked some content on the web and it may be one of the scripts that is running jupyter on your browser.
Check this and let me know if it could help you.