Failed to fetch error while loading Coursera labs

Screenshot of the problem


Hi, Durgesh Rao.

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Here, you can find some of the solutions.
1.Did you try login in again?
2. Is your network speed fine?
3. Try opening in some other browser.
4. As per Coursera’s troubleshooting articles support: You’ll only be able to access your Coursera Lab assignments and Jupyter Notebooks if you have a paid Coursera membership. If your subscription ends, you’ll be put into audit mode and won’t be able to access them.
4. If none of the above pointers are making any of the solutions then try reaching out to Coursera.

This is the very first assignment, so my guess is that this is literally the first time you’ve tried to access any of the assignments. If I’ve got that right, then it most likely means that this is some sort of “IT” problem on your side. Some software like an A/V system or firewall either on your computer or on your local area network is blocking the URL. There is not really much we can do to help you with that. You should also check your browser settings. Note that the assignment URLs are completely different than the rest of the course pages or Discourse.

In addition to Rashmi’s suggestion of trying a different browser, you also might want to try from a different network, e.g. a public WiFi net at a library or coffee shop to see if that makes a difference.