A doubt in C3_W2_RecSysNN_Assignment

Dear Administrator,

Could you please advise me on this issue?

The 3rd paragraphs under Section 3.1 Training Data,

“The training set consists of all the ratings made by the users in the data set. Some ratings are repeated to boost the number of training examples of underrepresented genre’s.”

May i know the reason of increasing the number of training examples but all having the same feature values?

*The movie id 71535, this row has repeated 4 times in the training set with same genres of Action, Comedy, and Horror.

Thank you.

It has told you the reason, the more ratings it has the more robust the model to make suggestions is. Its like you rate the same movie with for example 1000 other users, the algorithm has more confidence and data to make a recomendation.

Thank you so much Mr Gent for your guidance.

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