Accuracy in the Lab seems incorrect

C1_W2_Assignment graded assignment, says

“If we were to judge our model’s performance based on the accuracy metric, we would say that our model is not very accurate for detecting the Infiltration cases (accuracy of 0.657) but pretty accurate for detecting Emphysema (accuracy of 0.889).”

But this does not tally with the output of the cell above which shows accuracy for Inflitration as 0.379 and that of Emphysema as 0.123

Perhaps the dataset has been updated ??

[NOTE: This is not impactimg my ability to do the lab. Just a feedback]

Hi @getjaidev ,

I am definitively getting the accuracies indicated by the lab: 0.889 for Emphysema and 0.657 for Infiltration. This takes me back to your other ticket: I am pretty sure you have some error in your get_accuracy function, as this table is calculated using your function.

Please check it out and let me know if you find the issue.